Tuesday, May 19, 2009

8 Of Cups

Back in Texas, all moved in. I am really enjoying my new studio setup... it's sexy.

I have been wanting to do a tarot card illustration for a while, and decided to just go with something visually pleasing. I did not know the meaning of 8 of cups before illustrating it. I looked it up later and it's pretty accurate to what's going on in my life.... creepy.

Watercolor, gouache & acrylic on paper, mounted on illo board. Hope you like!


Niki López said...

Ooh! You should make a whole series, this is lovely~

Andrew Olson said...

I'm going to echo what Niki said, you can't stop at just 1 tarot card its against the rules. Really cool piece!

jess gonacha said...

sarah, i LOVE this illustration. it's awesome!

also, i tagged you on my blog.... play along if you wish! (i know this tagging business is sort-of annoying, though-- sorry!)